What’s the Deal With… Jamie McGuire?

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Jamie McGuire is, according to her own website’s bio, an award-winning indie author who has paved the way in New Adult fiction. With 23 published books and a lot more upcoming projects it is likely you have come across her books at one point or another. Inspired into becoming an author by her ongoing interest in journaling and blogging, McGuire’s books fall into genres such as YA paranormal, apocalyptic thrillers, dark science-fiction and a lot of romance.

Welcome to the “What’s the Deal With…” series; a place where we deep dive into the facts surrounding the drama, cancel culture and problematic issues of those within the book community.

These posts are to enlighten you about why certain names are being thrown around, discussed and/or bad-mouthed on the internet. They are not intended to shine hate on any one person, rather to lay out the facts and provide unbiased commentary on news in the book industry.

All facts will be provided with some type of screenshot, link or citation. If you notice any mistakes or key missing details regarding the story, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

And with that said – What’s the Deal With… Jamie McGuire?

Why is Jamie McGuire now popping up on my Twitter feed with readers being upset about the amount of mutuals they have following her social media account? Well let’s jump back a bit because this isn’t the first time that Jamie McGuire has been called out by readers.

Problematic Fiction

Note: Let it be known that I have not personally read any of the books by this author. All opinions regarding McGuire’s publications are from reviews which are linked in the post.

Jamie McGuire has become a bit of a name when it comes to problematic fiction. In particular, her writing has been called out for the inclusion and treatment of abusive relationship narratives in particular.

Some of the descriptions of McGuire’s books found in various reviews include:

Including problematic characters and behavior in a story is not an issue by itself. There can be a lot of value in telling a story about toxic relationships or relationship abuse. But the way an author handles these topics is crucial – there is a fine line between handling such topics responsibly or creating a story that is damaging or glorifying the content.

Sadly, reviewers seem to believe that McGuire is doing the latter with her writing.

One reviewer – Molly, from Wrapped Up In Books – discusses this very clearly in her review of McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster. Molly describes the book as “glorifying” and “romanticizing” the abusive relationship content. This is an obvious point – the book title “Beautiful Disaster” is literally McGuire’s description of the abusive relationship. Molly pointed out how Travis, the main character and abuser in Beautiful Disaster, is introduced as the star of the book and how the relationship is framed as happily-ever-after and a relationship ideal.

And to further illustrate the danger of framing such problematic content in this way, one just needs to look at the positive reviews for her books. The same character that has clearly been identified as an abuser is celebrated by many reviewers:

Note: I have chosen not to link/cite these comments due to their problematic nature. However, you can quickly scroll through the 5-star reviews for Beautiful Disaster on Goodreads and find many of the same comments.

  • “Travis, Travis, Travis. I liked him, I hated him, I liked him again
  • “Right from the start I fell head-over-heels in love with Travis.”
  • [About Travis] “I loved him, many people may consider him as immature but his will for love was unbelievable.
  • “Travis Maddox…well if that name doesn’t make you fangirl, I don’t know what does.

Attacking Book Reviewers

Most people would understand that book reviews are written with the intention of being read by other readers, not the author. This is something that is commonly discussed with the book and reviewer communities online. (For more information I suggest checking out the discussion “Reviews are for READERS” by The Orang-utan Librarian).

And yet, despite this commonly held belief there are cases that appear of authors stepping over that invisible line. Jamie McGuire has, in the past, been one of those authors.

The primary example was when reviewer, Sophia, wrote a (very intense) negative review about McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster. When this comes to the attention of McGuire, she proceeds to make a blog post that paints book reviewers with negative opinion in an extremely poor and offensive light.

The situation escalates further when a second reviewer than chooses to directly contact McGuire about another negative blog post she had scheduled to publish (for more details check out this post from GoodReads Follies). Lo and behold this results in a lawsuit against said blogger from McGuire herself.

Clearly, McGuire is not the only person at fault here. Tagging authors in negative reviews for their books is poor practice and has been frowned upon by countless authors. However, crossing that “reviews are for readers” line in the first place and eliciting attacks against those reviewers clearly isn’t it either.

Damaging Vocal Opinions

Then there is all the other non-book related opinions that McGuire likes to throw out into the world.

Tweet re: Comment from Jamie McGuire about being overweight\
Tweet from Jamie McGuire: Supporting J. K. Rowling and #IStandWithMaya

The Latest

A lot of this is old news – so why is Jamie McGuire back in the spotlight?

Well, she has had a lot of vocal opinions surrounding the current Black Lives Matter movement and recent murders of black men. None of them have been taken to kindly.

This second image is of Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who shot two BLM protesters dead on 25th August, 2020. While Rittenhouse is claiming self-defense, being the cause of multiple deaths against activists is not what constitutes a hero, in my opinion.

I am not saying that you should write off Jamie McGuire as a bad person.

I am not telling you to cancel her books. What I am encouraging is that you look at the facts, the screenshots, and the situations presented to you and make your own decisions about whether Jamie McGuire is an author you want to support.

Happy reading, bec&books



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    I don’t see anything wrong with what she said at all in fact she was spot on and that’s not racist at all she was just stating a fact and it’s ridiculous that people are so quick to label someone a racist even when it’s clearly not, stating a fact isn’t racist and people need to get some schooling on racism and the actual definition because they are calling basically everything that offends them racist and it’s getting out of control maybe get a dictionary or flail google for the correct words to use instead of crying racist over everything, think about what would happen if white people started a white lives matter campaign for any reason would cause a riot so out of control and violent the world would probably come to an end it would be unacceptable but the Black Lives Matter campaign is not racist because why? Doesn’t check out and I think it’s getting ridiculous

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    Maybe all of you should find something better to do with your time. America IS supposed to be free. You are the people that shut down any conversations that might spark difference in opinion or that might lead to actual change in thought.
    This entire site is a BS ploy to cancel…cancel culture is what lead to some of the worst historical moments on this planet. Grow the F@#$ up!

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    Dr Luce


    Great conversation. Important to address facts. PA Mike has some of those spot on.

    Whether author or pedestrian, we do no good to bias them without logical appraisal. Consider what you might create if you bring members of another race to your country to be your slaves. Then you oppress them continuously for 250 years. You disparage them, choose their neighborhoods consistently to build polluting industries, fail to provide any equality in wages or opportunity or health care, and leave them consistently with their backs against the wall. I think it is clear you create problems.

    I do not think this will be a problem that improves with handouts, reparations or “legislated equality.”

    Like the War onDrugs, underlying personal prospectives get square in the way of logical appraisal and lead to the tabloid trash comments being discussed here.

    We did not learn from the Al Capone lessons and as noted In June 2011, by the the Global Commission on Drug Policy, “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world.”

    Hopefully we move to see these situations as comparable in terms of the consequences of our own behaviors and actions. It is my personal opinion that promoting compassion for people is critical to real solutions. I think it is probably appropriate to move away from support of those who demonstrate a lack of logic and compassion and equally important to bring logic and compassion to our own prospectives.

    No doubt we must discuss these issues, and labels and prejudice will not help us.

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    Deplorable Me


    At least she states the truth, you racist leftards can’t stand that

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    What a B.S. propaganda argument. Although I don’t agree with a lot of the sentiments this woman seems to possess, I don’t stand behind censorship, or treating full-grown adults like children. What a crock of baloney. Adults need to be adults and learn for themselves what does and doesn’t resonate. They need to GROW on their own accord, without the control of outside authoritarian powers (isn’t that what the 60’s was for?) dictating for them what is and isn’t real.

    “They don’t gotta burn tha books they just remove ’em” -Rage Against The Machine, “Bulls on Parade”.

    It’s time to wake up and start promoting true freedom, not some watered-down version of it. What doesn’t resonate with society will begin to fall away. You will still be the change, believe me. How about you start asking for true honestly from your so-called leaders? That is the most authentic catalyst for progress. If you believe the lies and misrepresentation of truth occurring on all sides of the media, then you will never find the truth that lies within your heart or the courage to stand up for what’s right.

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    Joseph Sor


    What I have learned from all the hate on the left is Liberalism is a mental disease and so jealous of successful people and the truth. #FreeKyle

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    Lisa McGuire


    I will not sign this cancel culture petition. What she wrote was not racist. It was fact. I’m sick of being attacked for being white. Go Jamie!

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    Here’s a shocker: some of us men and women do like to be treated in ways that others may not like. Yes, I absolutely would love a man I’m attracted to to manhandle me and try to tell me what to do. I find that extremely attractive, BUT that does not mean I think everyone should feel that way nor does that justify sexual assault/violence, intimate partner violence, rape, etc. We ALL have our fantasies and likes and dislikes and this article is pure trash for using this topic as one means for shutting down authors. I LOVE BDSM ——don’t you dare shut this sh*t down.

    Second, you state oh I’m not trying to cancel this author! Heavens no! I’m just laying out a platform of all these SOCIAL MEDIA posts as evidence of what a horrible person she is and letting you decide if you’re also a horrible person for continuing to support.

    Excuse me, this woman is not Chris Brown. Imma need you to take a few steps back into self-reflection and awareness and realize you’re a hypocritical human with plenty of skeletons in your closet.

    If I asked what does black lives matter even do for people of color? Does that make me racist? And how, please define racism bc Americans cannot do that let alone systemic racism.

    If I ask whether we should allow people to choose their assigned bathroom, that makes me transphobic?

    If I ask why the f can’t We lose weight with all this exercise, now I’m fat shaming myself and those around me?

    OPEN YOUR EYES. Even Einstein asked questions: the golden rule is treat others how you want to be treated!

    From this article M’am you’re putting yourself out there to be canceled yourself by perpetuating this blacklist sh*t. Shame on you for doing free work for the corporate heads telling you what is right and what is wrong.

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    i literally saw her cheat on her husband with cover models while her husband was upstairs in the hotel room at a book convention party.

    • Reply

      Angela B


      I’ve heard of a few authors that have done that with book cover models. Shame on both of them (the model and the author) I am not shocked to hear that about her though.

    • Reply



      You wanna post all your personal information including full name, address, age, sex, orientation, martial status, financial status, etc so we can learn everything about you, then find a fault and shove it down your throat? No? Then go get a productive hobby or save some lives or some sh*t. Stop acting like this is facebook in high school ‘Ann’.

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    Came to read the article and comments. Everyone can have their opinions. I think some screenshots are taken ouy of context. I will not comment on the racust part, because I don’t knoe enough about the backsrory in every screenshot to give an opinion about it. The one where she is being called fat phobic? I saw the video and it is a genuine question. If someone does a lot of cardio moves daily it’s not shaming to ask if she is really obese due to an unhealthy diet or medical problem. It may be a question of concern or genuine curiosity. The J.K. Rowling comment? It’s her opinion and being in favor of someones opinion is not hating other groups. When didj it become an obligation to cancel someone for an opinion.
    I have read the Maddox Brothers books and some of her other works. It is NOT an abusive relafionship that is ridiculous!! There is no physical or pshycological violence. Stop with this obssesion to make everything bad or wrong or “cancelling” humas because they have a different opinion.

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      I agree. Those stats they talked about the crime, Larry Elder had also reported them. And nothing about what they said was racist. What is racist is blaming whites for crimes they have nothing to do with.

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    A neighbor lent me one of her books, A Beautiful Disaster. I skim read it as it was one of the most poorly written books I’ve read in a long time. It was like Nancy Drew without the mystery, with sex thrown in. The relationship between Abby and Travis was so abusive. TBH I secretly kept hoping he’d be killed in one of those fights so Abby could be free of him. After I finished it I looked the author up and wasn’t surprised to see that she’s been lambasted bit for her writing and her political views. The neighbor said I could borrow the rest of her books but I’ll be saying no thanks.

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    I hadn’t heard her name before this but someone had recommended all the little lights to me, having read this I’ll only read it if i find it cheap in a charity shop or someone gives me it secondhand!

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      This is always a fantastic option for picking up books when you don’t necessarily want to support the author. Happy reading!

  13. Reply

    Kathy Otero


    I read some years ago some mean thing from her to an author that I love and that’s it. Stopped following. Authors are suppose to support each other, more than so if they are indie authors.

    • Reply



      Thank you for dropping a comment. I really hope this article was informative and helpful with your decisions. Happy reading!

      • Reply

        PA Mike


        Hello. While I can’t speak to her reasoning for the tweets, I feel this subject really needs to be discussed. If we try to sweep it under the rug, or paint anyone who brings it up as a racist, how can we help or even understand the problem?

        The following are facts. Easily verifiable facts. And that’s all. No nefarious intentions, just reality.

        1. African Americans are responsible for more killings than every. other. race. combined., despite African Americans accounting for 15% of the population.
        2. African Americans kill more white people than white people kill African Americans, despite white people outnumbering African Americans about 6 to 1.
        3. For interracial crime of lesser offenses, such as rape, home invasion, robbery, etc. African Americans (AA) chose white victims, per capita, over 200 times more often than white people chose AA victims.

        These facts are taken from the Dept. Of Justice and the FBI’s “Crime & Race Statistics” of 2012. This report was generated by Eric Holder, President Obama’s Attorney General. Eric Holder is in no way a racist or a white supremacist. Today, in 2021, even AA’s can be accused of white supremacy, which is a shocking testament of just how insane things have become.

        These facts are just that. Facts. Yes, there are reasons and nuances behind the facts, but nevertheless, they are facts. One thing I’d like to make clear is most white people are killed by other white people, and most AA’s are killed by other AA’s, but the fact remains there is a stunning disparage between AA’s and violent crime.

        So, does it help anyone to shut down any conversation of these facts by labeling every person who brings it up as a flaming racist? How can things change for the better if we pretend there isn’t a problem or vilify those who point it out? I’m not suggesting I have the answers, or that it isn’t a very complicated issue, but I do know one thing- until we can have an adult conversation and stop screeching racism when this issue is raised, nothing will change, and the very people who are hurt by this are those AA’s.

        So, where do we go from here?

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          The fact that you’re dismissive by simply saying “these are facts” instead of educating yourself on *why* it’s racist is a huge problem

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    Came here from tik tok, and I didn’t know this! Thank you for talking about this!!! I will not buy her books again😬

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      Thanks so much for dropping by! I am glad that you found some useful information here. Whatever you decide to do with your interaction with McGuire’s content I think it is just important to understand why many readers have raised concerns.

  15. Reply

    Destiny @ Howling Libraries


    This is a great post, love! Thank you for bringing light to all of this.

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      Thank you!

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